The moment contractors pack up and leave is a happy moment for many homeowners. First, the dream kitchen remodel is unveiled, and homeowners finally get to enjoy their cooking space. There is no denying that kitchen remodels can be overwhelming and disruptive; thus, the project’s completion is a breath of fresh air. 

Not so fast, though! Isn’t there something you are forgetting? With help from the professional contractors you hired, the heavy lifting part of the remodeling may be complete, but clean-up remains. Kitchen remodels are messy, and at the end of it, your home could feel like a construction site. So, before you set up and go back to your kitchen throw downs, you must conduct a thorough clean-up. These are some expert pointers you can incorporate to ensure your space is spotless. 

1. Take Out The Debris

Sure, you hired a remodeling team to handle your kitchen revamp; however, what you should know is the final cleaning they do will not be as thorough. Check the room for the debris they may have left behind in the space and throw them out. It should make it easy to focus on getting the dirt and dust out of the room. 

2. Vacuum The Floors And Ceilings

You can begin your cleaning by sweeping the floors and go for a deep cleanse with a vacuum. A vacuum will be perfect to suction all the dirt and dust particles on the floor and ceilings. Mopping the floors and disinfecting them once vacuuming is complete will ascertain no germs are left behind. 

3. Clean The Walls 

A damp piece of cloth would do the trick when cleaning your walls. However, pay attention to the paint on the walls. Before cleaning, check that the walls are completely dry. Asking your contractor about the type of paint used should help you stay away from cleaning agents that could affect the paint job. 

4. Wipe Down Everything

Door handles, counters, cabinets, and drawer knobs are easy to miss, especially when focusing on kitchen floors. You will find that dust particles have embedded in these areas, so remember to sanitize them after wiping them down. 

5. Clean Inside The Cabinets

One can easily overlook the cabinets when cleaning; however, always add them to your clean-up checklist. Cabinets act as storage places that will contact food and utensils, so hygiene is paramount. The method used to clean will depend on the material of your cabinets. Once cleaning is complete, give them time to air out and then line them before using them. 

6. Don’t Forget The Ventilation System

During remodeling, the dust particles have a way of getting into the air vents. The vents can be cleaned using warm water and soap. A kitchen is a place you want to have ample air circulation, so replacing your air filters is a good way to ensure that. 

7. Air Out The Room

Are you cleaning your kitchen with your windows closed? Bad idea! Without air entering the room, the dust that rises during clean-up will settle back on the surfaces. Remember to keep the windows open this way; dust particles are wafted out of the room.

Anyone who has handled a remodeling clean-up can tell you it is not an easy feat. It takes up one’s time to get on all fours and scrub the corners of a room and dust the high ceilings. While our contracting company is happy to assist with the kitchen remodel, you may have to take up the meticulous cleaning. However, these tips should give you pointers on how you can achieve an aesthetically pleasing kitchen space after remodeling.