Painted cabinets are ruling the kitchen backsplash game in the kitchen remodeling game. If you are looking to give your kitchen a new look, a film of new color will do the trick. Painted cabinets can be the perfect focal point for your cook area. What makes it most convenient is that paint is readily available, affordable, and most importantly, you can easily switch it up whenever you like. For homeowners eager to take kitchen remodeling into their hands, painting their cabinets is a task they can turn into a DIY. Although it may seem to be the most straightforward revamp you can give your kitchen, there are still some pitfalls. 

1. Failure To Allocate Enough Time

If we are realistic, painting your cabinets is not a lazy day project. Sometimes even dedicating an entire weekend will not be enough, especially when you count prep time, breaks you take, and painting and drying. Realistically, it could take you four to seven days to complete the project, so ensure you give yourself enough time. 

2. Skipping The Sanding

If you want your paint to stick, you cannot skip the sanding process. Proper buffing will give your wood that matte texture; you do not want to get to the bare wood, making it quick. Sandpaper of medium spectrum should work perfectly. 

3. Going Cheap

Paint is affordable, but you will find them at different price ranges and quality at your local store. If you want a smoother finish of color that will not fade or chip after a short time. The paint is one part of the kitchen remodeling where you can splurge because most kitchen cabinets will not require more than two gallons of paint. 

4. Leaving The Doors And Drawers On

If you are going to paint the cabinets yourself, ensure you do it right. Always take out the doors and drawer to get to all the parts that need painting. As you unhinge the doors and remove the drawers, remember to label them.

5. Not Labeling The Drawers And Doors

Forgetting to label the drawers and doors indicating what goes where can cause a lot of confusion. Trying to find where each went before the painting can also be frustrating, so to be safe, label each as you leave them off. 

6. Skipping To Prime

Before painting, always prime the cabinets you are painting. You may think its time consuming, but three months from the line, when the paint blotches and the wood begins to bleed, you will be grateful you primed the surfaces. A stain-blocking primer will prevent knots in the wood. 

7. Not Giving The Paint Time To Cure

Almost a week’s worth of painting can all be in vain if you jump the gun. Waiting for the paint to dry can feel like ages, but it is better than smudging the paint and having to start all over. The phrase ‘patience pays’ has never been much accurate than here. 

If you want kitchen cabinets you can show off to your family and friends at the reveal, it is best to avoid the mistakes above. If you think pulling off a paint job will be difficult, you can always hire an expert to do it. Our kitchen remodelers can take on any revamp projects for the kitchen, and painting the cabinets is no exception. Give us details for the project, and we will send a quote to you.