Have you finally decided to give your home a face lift with new flooring? Great choice! New floors are a source of comfort and visual appeal for your space. So, it is not surprising that year after year, homeowners are coming up with ways to refresh their homes by replacing the floors. The idea of change is exciting, but you need to be careful. People often fall prey to mistakes throughout the project, which they pay for in the short term and the long run. These are floor buying mistakes you need to look for the next time you shop.

1. Solely Deciding With Price  

 There are factors to consider when shopping for your floors, and while the price is part of it, it is not the only thing. While the most expensive is not always the best product, the least cheap is not always the best performing. Aligning budget-friendly with quality is the best way to select your home floors. You can seek the opinion of a flooring expert to help narrow down the many choices.

2. Not Getting Enough Flooring

 How much is enough flooring for your home? Generally, the rule is to measure your room to find square footage; however, the mistake many people make is getting the exact measurements of their rooms without considering the cut waste could be more than anticipated. It is recommended to get extra 5% flooring if something goes wrong. 

3. Failing To Order Samples

Do you ever see those small floor cutouts in stores? It is essential to order free samples before buying the actual flooring, whether online or physically. These help you answer many questions that determine whether the flooring in question best fits you, ultimately saving you a lot of headaches later on. 

4. Matching Floor With Lifestyle 


That saved board you like so much for your space sometimes may not hold up in your home. There is a lot of connection between your lifestyle and flooring; thus, you need to keep your choice practical as you shop. Think about the use of the room, ‘Do you have pets? Will there be heavy traffic in the room?’ before deciding.  

5. Skipping The Underlayment 

 Underlayment should never be an afterthought when buying flooring for your home. It may be tempting to save the bucks, but the consequences down the road are not really worth it, and here is why. Underlayment doubles the lifespan of your flooring while providing insulation and comfortable underfoot for the flooring. Unless your floor comes with pre-attached underlayment, always get one when purchasing your replacement floors. 

6. Relying On Family And Friends For Advice

 Taking advice from family and friends based on their flooring experience is not bad; however, solely relying on their advice is. The information is based on their flooring needs which may differ from yours. Always consult with a flooring professional and let them know the vision for your space. They can guide you on the best flooring matching your needs. 

7. Not Buying Molding


 Once your flooring is reinstalled, it is easy to start enjoying them immediately, but not so fast. Did you get the molding for the finishing? Molding may seem like an option; however, not getting them for your replacement flooring could cause more harm than good down the road. Molding acts as a bumper that protects the flooring and wall from damage. 


 A lot goes into getting your space new flooring, and a laid-out plan of your vision and flooring replacement expert for the project is not all that goes into replacing your home floors. You can use this as a buying guide for your purchase; however, you can always reach out to our flooring experts for further guidance. Receive your flooring quote detailing how much it will cost to spruce up your space with a floor you will enjoy.