Bathrooms are an essential part of our living spaces, and nothing says this more like the popularity of bathroom remodels. Anyone looking to revitalize and refresh their bathroom space can easily opt for a remodel. With bathroom remodeling growing, so has the misconception surrounding the home improvement project.

For a homeowner considering a bathroom redesign, it is crucial to learn which are facts and myths. Going into the project, you should be well informed to make the right decisions and good ideas to integrate into your remodel. To help with your enlightenment, these are common myths to debunk before embarking on bathroom remodeling.

1. A Big Budget Is Necessary

Many homeowners shy away from doing a much-needed remodel of their bathrooms after hearing it is an expensive project. The sad part is this is far from the truth. Bathroom remodels can be costly, but they do not have to be. With as little as $4,000, you can begin making changes to boost your bathroom functionality. The budget you decide for your remodeling solely depends on your financial flexibility and your upgrades’ cost.

2. DIY Will Save You Money

Unless you are a DIY expert with enough time to go through demolition, redesign, and reinstalling different bathroom features, this would be a misconception. Most homeowners are so psyched to start their remodeling they forget not everyone is cut out for it. Remodeling required experience and skill; that is why it would be wise to hire a bathroom remodeler to handle it.

3. Remodeling Means Expanding Space

Homeowners with small bathrooms are easily hesitant when they hear this, but the fact is this is a myth. Bathroom remodels come in all shapes, so a small space should never limit you from making upgrades to your bathroom. Without expanding your initial bathroom space, you can make tweaks to improve functionality and elevate your bathroom’s appearance.

4. Luxury Is A Remodeling Necessity

Luxury is great for giving your bathroom that added touch of elegance; it is not the sole goal for remodeling. It should be a bonus for remodeling and not something you feel the pressure to add.

5. The ROI Is Insignificant

Bathroom remodels are among the home improvement projects that offer a substantial return in investment, and most importantly, they add to your home value. Recouping at least 60% of expenses poured into renovations, saying ROI is insignificant, would be a myth.

6. Windows Are All Ventilation Needed

If you want to improve ventilation in your bathroom, installing a window is a step in the right direction. However, you should know that is not all. To keep your bathroom properly ventilated, you can install air vents to encourage air circulation and lower humidity, which eliminates any chance of mildew.

7. All Remodelers Are The Same

To make the right choice when hiring an expert, this should be the first misnomer you throw out the window. Contractors will vary in experience, expertise, and even portfolios, so take time to vet each one because different remodelers bring different things to the table.

Planning a bathroom remodel based on misinformation is a grave mistake. So before you set on redesigning your bathroom, ensure you research to distinguish the truth from misnomers. Contact us for assistance with the remodeling, and we will be happy to set the record straight about what is factual about bathroom remodel. Receive a quote for what it will take to turn your ultimate bathroom remodel vision into reality.