Here we go again! This is probably the first subconscious thought that comes to mind when you learn the time has come to reinstall your windows. Sure, we all know why high-quality windows are crucial for the home, but we can’t help thinking how exhausting the process is. From having your damaged windows taken down to finally getting the new windows sealed, there is much to be done. With these tips, you can streamline the window reinstallation process and get through the project without hiccups.


1. Watch Out For The Weather

While fall is the season best recommended for window installation, it helps to consider the day for the project. A sunny day in fall is perfect for allowing the materials time to warm up and expand. More so, if your sealant requires 24 hours before exposure to moisture, a booking on a sunny day for mid-morning is ideal.


2. Silicone Over Latex

Sealing is a crucial part of the installation process, and more often than not, the sealant used depends on your window material. If you can choose between the different sealing techniques, silicone has proved a better choice than latex or acrylic. Since it is waterproof and weatherizes better, it will significantly reduce the home’s energy bills.


3. Work With A Local Company

Access to numerous window replacement companies gives homeowners options, but sometimes it can be distracting. Preferably, narrow your choices to local companies within your area of residence. A local company is familiarized with the local climate and is fully aware of the conditions for proper installation.


4. Look Into Movement Capability

As you pick the sealant for your window, ensure it features high joint movement capability. Normally, the percentage of movement is indicated on the bottle; thus, ensure you check during the purchase. A sealant with 25% movement will perform better in cold seasons than one with 12% movement.


5. Request A  Consultation

Finally, you have the contacts of the window contractor who perfectly put up the replacement windows for your cousin Shelly. Before you book them for the project, request a consultation, preferably at home. It is the perfect opportunity for the professional to take accurate measures for the opening, and you to ask questions regarding the replacement.


6. Walk Through

Touch-up day is finally here, and we know you are excited to enjoy your windows. But before you can test them out, ask the window expert to walk you through the project, demonstrating how all the windows work. It would be the perfect time to raise any issues with the windows rather than waiting for the follow-up.


Last Thoughts

Even with these valuable tips, hiring a professional window installer to take over the project is the best solution. An expert will use their skills to ensure the installation goes smoothly and with no issues. Make a difference in your home with a fall window replacement project, but first, fill out the form to let us know about your project.