Kitchen remodeling is a calibration of upgrading the functionality and adding to the curb appeal of your space. For homeowners with small kitchens, space is a constant concern when trying to achieve both of these. At the same time, you may want to update your kitchen with improved features; you have to find ways to keep things balanced and organized.

When dealing with a small kitchen remodel, maximizing the room’s amount of space is a priority. Here are techniques homeowners can take advantage of when trying to create the feel of space in their small kitchen remodels.

1. Add More Light

Adding more lighting in the kitchen does more than boosting the kitchen remodel aesthetics. A well-lit kitchen space makes the room appear much bigger than it is. Homeowners can attain this by asking their remodeler to install a window to improve the natural light getting into the room or add artificial lighting, which would work at night. 

2. Paint With Lighter Colors

For the remodel, it is advisable to go for lighter hues for the wall and cabinets. Lighter colors tend to open up the room more, giving the illusion of a bigger space than it is. You can set up a consultation with our remodeling professional, and they can guide you through selecting a pallet that works for both your style and preference.

3. Get Fold Down Tables

Permanently installed dining options do small kitchen spaces no favors when it comes to creating more room. So how do homeowners get their small kitchen to appear bigger? Simple invest in fold-down furniture. Fold-down tables are a must for small kitchen remodels because once you fold them back, you add the feeling of space in your kitchen. 

4. Go For Larger And Lighter Tiles

Have you seen a small kitchen with small tiles? Let us tell you; it looks busy and cramped. Larger and lighter tile flooring, on the other hand, can help homeowners attain the opposite effect. How? By reducing the number of grout lines on the floor, you give the room a visual illusion of more space. So, consider talking to our flooring expert about getting not less than 12×12-inch tiles when remodeling your kitchen floors. 

5. Switch Out Large Appliances For Small Ones

Are the appliances in your kitchen taking up more space than they should? Well, it’s time to downsize to smaller kitchen machinery. Trade in the large microwaves and toasters for smaller versions of the same. You’ll be surprised how much workspace that would free up. A slim-line fridge is also a good investment. The refrigerator will hold more items while giving you more room in the kitchen.

6. Consider Open Storage

If you want to open up your kitchen, open storage effectively makes the room appear more spacious. While cabinets are a good storage option having too many of them makes the kitchen appear closed off. You can ask your contractor to balance out the cabinets with open shelves. Open shelves will make your kitchen appear bigger, and they are also a bonus when it comes to storage. 

 Homeowners can find ways of adding to their space or incorporating tips that will make their kitchen appear bigger. Employing these tips during the remodeling should help with opening up your kitchen even with limited space. Rely on us to provide expert assistance from experienced contractors for the kitchen remodel.