Are you shopping for lighting for your under cabinets? Then you have landed on the ultimate guide to get you there. General kitchen lighting can only go so far when revamping and for this reason homeowners have found other options to brighten up the space. Under cabinet lights are added underneath the cabinets to provide the right light that allows easy handling of tasks. With remodeling, homeowners have a chance to improve their kitchen and undercabinet lights allow them to see the space in a whole new light. 

But what light option do you choose? Finding the right under cabinets lighting sometimes feels like feeling for a needle in a haystack; there are just too many options. Because we cannot possibly go through them all, we have come up with a guide to help you through your decision. These are the six power tips any homeowner can apply when deciding the best under cabinet lighting for your needs. 

1. Available Space

Under cabinet lights might feel minimal but like general lighting it is important to look at how much room you have before the purchase. Your space will determine how much space the lighting should take to leave just enough of usable space below. Does your light fixture fit within the specs of your space? This is the key to ensure the lights meet your lighting goals. 

2. Lighting Placement 

There are two reasons why placement is important with under cabinet lighting; outcome and aesthetics. Proper placement will minimize or eliminate glare and shadows cast on the surface. Where should the lights be for the best results? How far apart should the lights be installed if you are using multiple lights? Where you place your lighting will also affect the aesthetics of your kitchen remodel, tucking the puck lights or light bars at the bottom of the cabinet for instance will give you that seamless look.

3. Power Source

Always consider the power source. How are you going to get the lights on? Is it through rechargeable batteries, plug-in or hardwire? Some options are more DIY friendly than others but that is not all you should consider. Always look at your needs; if you are looking for something temporary, non-rechargeable batteries will work well; however, changing the batteries can get hectic if the upgrade is long-term. 

4. Go The LED Way

Energy efficiency is crucial when getting any lighting; under cabinets lights are not an exception. LED lights are meant to last longer than traditional lights and will brighten the space while saving energy costs. You can be sure no energy goes to waste. 

5. Color Temperature

Your color temperature will affect how things appear in the kitchen, from the cabinets, worktops to food. What outcome are you hoping to attain with your lighting? Is it the warm glow for ambience or cool lighting for brightening the space? Most people prefer picking under cabinet lights that match general kitchen lighting. However, if you feel undecided, there are color changing and tunable options that allow you to move from one temperature to suit the outcome you want to create.

6. Get Motion Sensor Features

Have you ever imagined a world where you can leave the kitchen without the nagging thought you left the light on? Well, you now can. Motion sensor lights detect when to go on and off depending on the movement in the area. Apart from making your cabinet lighting more versatile it will save you stacks on energy bills and without worrying that someone left the lighting on in the kitchen.

Final Statement 

Are you any closer to finding the right under cabinets light for your kitchen remodel? With this guide, you can filter out the many choices that fill the market to find something that suits you. You may not need a kitchen remodeler to help with the installation, but one will come in handy when planning and revamping the kitchen. Fill out this remodeling form and let us know how we can help.