A lot has changed in the way homeowners design their bathrooms over the years. While modern trends have had a chokehold on homeowners, there is always something reassuring about traditional designs. That sense of familiarity is almost comforting for people loyal to classical styles, and who could blame them? There is a reason classical bathroom designs remain alive for decades and, at times, centuries. These designs bring a harmonious, relaxing, and luxe feel into the bathroom, which all homeowners search for. Here is some inspiration you can tap into if you are looking for timeless ideas to upscale your bathroom sanctuary. 


1. Glam Color

If you have been paying attention, you know the old-school glamor of classical bathrooms does not come without a little color play. Create an idyllic bathroom with a multi-hued classic bathroom with a rich shade for your bathroom walls and brilliant brights for other elements if you want to make your small space more intimate. The contrasting color of the walls picks up on them to weave a balanced look.  


2. Character Underfoot

Ceilings, showers, walls to the floor, and the bathroom are a potential canvas you can engulf with your charm. For a long time, homeowners have integrated tiles into their bathrooms, but they have recently started to branch out to wood. This natural wonder that is in line with the timeless style is a match made in heaven. It is soft, warm, and full of character; however, you may have to ask your bathroom remodeler to recommend a suitable version of wood that can stand up to the moisture in the bathroom. 


3. Vintage Tub

The assumption that homeowners have fallen out of love with tubs is far from the truth. Something about tubs says style and character, which you cannot trade. When carefully selected, a tub can pack a punch. Imagine the visual grab an elegant clawfoot tub placed in the center of your bathroom will have. 

4. Old Era Art

The devil is in details when designing your bathroom style. Apart from the fittings, decorating is vital in your bathroom design. Wall art can be the hero piece that cloaks your bathroom space with heritage charm. You never know that trip to your vintage reseller could be the missing piece that ties together your scheme.


5. Statement Chandelier

Just because chandeliers hardly come up when people are talking about bathroom lighting does not mean you cannot get one. A well chosen chandelier can change the entire dynamic of your bathroom and give it that courtyard appeal. You may have to ask your remodelers advice on what size you should be getting depending on your design before picking an antique chandelier to round out your bathroom space.


6. Metal Adornment

To attain the ultimate traditional aesthetic in your bathroom, you may need to tap into metals to bring that historical authenticity. Metal selections like copper, bronze, iron and even gold have a long-standing history in the bathroom, dating centuries. From lighting fixtures and drawer handles to faucets and mirror frames, there are interesting ways you can add metal touches in your bathroom and evoke that traditional style appeal. 


Last Word

The traditional bathroom style has become one of the most sought-after designs in the home, and with good reason. Apart from the beautiful aesthetic, soothing-spa feel, and elegant touches, the timeless style has won homeowners’ hearts. With this piece, you can get the aesthetic right by incorporating these ideas into your bathroom. An experienced contractor can help you attain your classical bathroom look. Fill out the form and let us know about your remodeling goals.