Being the largest surface in the home, the floor makes an impactful statement; visually and practically. Floors bring a sense of beauty and style to a space; thus, homeowners take time to think before installing. The design of one’s home will dictate the direction one goes with the flooring. Rustic homeowners’ flooring choices will vary from that of other home styles as they choose a floor that complements the theme of their space. If you are space into a rustic have, these flooring ideas will help inspire your home remodel. 


1. Engineered Hardwood

Being in the vein of American pasture, it was only a matter of time before modern technology offered homeowners the best of both worlds. Engineered hardwood has been on the radar of homeowners for a minute, and do you blame them? The floor combines old and new, the visual appeal of hardwood and contemporary materials. The underfoot is a more stable version of hardwood, which is more affected by moisture and humidity level. But let us not overlook the unique aesthetic it lends the space that fits the home in the rustic trend. 


2. Terracotta Tiles 

For a long time, hardwood has had a chokehold on rustic lovers, and rightfully so; wood is beautiful and a great addition to the home. However, that is not to say there aren’t any other ways to go when remodeling your rustic-style home. Terracotta tiles present that well-trodden look that provides a rustic feel in the house but most importantly, it’s gorgeous. The stunning antiquity of terracotta keeps it on the top list of floors that elevate the rustic appeal of a space. 


3. Distressed Wood 

Enhance the look of your rustic home with distressed wood floors that look stylish and evoke a warm and friendly vibe. Shades of cream, wood on wood, and even shades of white; well-worn appearance jells well with different combinations. You can apply this floor throughout the space to create an attractive statement in the home. 


4. Slate Tiles 

Are you looking for an out-of-the-box floor that works as a rustic choice for your home? Slate tiles are a flooring idea perfect in just any rustic design. Slate tiles feature subtle textures if the typical smooth floor is not for you, making for a slightly rough floor. A worthy investment in high pedestrian areas like the kitchen or hallways, slate tiles are a win for any creative. You can experiment with different shades, from bold black to harmonious white, to create shades and attractive decorations in the home. 


5. Reclaimed Wood 





























Homeowners on a mission to bring a rustic charm to the home need look no further than reclaimed wood. Made from recycled planks, the flooring sports a lot of character, which you cannot get with other wood floors. From scratches and scrapes to intentional burns, we can as well crown this floor the imperfectly perfect rustic floor. To enhance the rustic look, go with the wide panels that double as a stylish feature. 


6. Limestone Tiles 

Inject a subtle charm into your home with limestone tiles. The flooring features earthy shades that create an elegant yet harmonious look. Limestone tiles work beautifully both in the indoor and outdoor spaces of the home. Investing in limestone tiles is not only investing in durable but also decorative flooring. 


Final Thoughts 

That unmistakable natural beauty most homeowners are searching for in the redesigning of their homes can be attained with any of these flooring ideas. As these options offer you the inspiration you need for a rustic-inspired home, a professional flooring expert is what you need to bring them to life. Hire a flooring expert with us and get a quote to set you on your remodeling path.