As we know, trends come and go, so when you are looking for a window for your replacement, you want something worth investing in. That starts with doing homework on the product and asking the right questions. These can vary depending on a homeowner’s needs; however, some common queries have popped up among customers. Here are six common questions homeowners ask when buying fiberglass windows for their home remodeling. 

1. How Strong Are Fiberglass Windows?

Because they are lightweight, the strength of these windows is sometimes a cause of concern. But contrary to assumption, fIberglass windows are made to hold up longer, meaning they are not susceptible to moisture damage or warping, and exposure to elements like the sun does not fade the material. You can therefore expect to get the most years out of your windows. 

2. What Is The Material Made Of? 

For all the hype of its strength, its expected customer wants to know the secret behind the fiberglass material. It is made from glass strands and heated resin. The glass is woven together and pulled through a resin bath. After the resin is cured with a heated die, it is cut, coated, and fitted into a window frame. The material is smooth yet rigid, hence the durability of fiberglass. 

3. What is The Cost Of Fiberglass Windows? 

As of 2022, the average fiberglass window cost is $530 per piece. Compared to other window materials, this falls in the pricier range, but as a homeowner, you reap better benefits from the material. The material is energy-saving, and it stands the test of time so that you will be getting your money’s worth at the end of the day. 

4. How Energy Efficient Are The Windows? 

Fiberglass windows are arguably the best insulators in the market. Because they are not susceptible to changes in temperature, their seals remain tight, preventing air movement and heat loss. This energy-saving feature makes the energy-efficient of all windows. 

5. Are They Available In Colors? 

Absolutely. Although customers were limited to a few colors and styles in the early years, that has changed. Fiberglass windows today are available in an array of colors and styles; you can find anything suiting your aesthetic and preference; all it takes is a little digging. 

6. How Do You Clean Fiberglass Windows? 

Fiberglass windows require very little maintenance. With occasional cleaning, you can keep your windows looking new. Use warm soapy water and a lint-free cloth for the first wash, and if you want that extra shine, you can buff them with spray window cleaner. 


Window replacement is not just any home improvement project; it costs money to buy the material and labor costs. Thus, it is logical to want to know everything you can about the material you choose for your new windows. This piece highlights the common questions that may arise when selecting or shopping for fiberglass windows. Hopefully, it offers enough insight to help you make a confident purchase. But like in any home improvement project, success relies on the installation, just as the quality of the material. You can reach out to our professional window experts for installation. Get a quote now and start planning for your window installation project.