What are your plans for your bathroom remodel? Deciding to remodel and planning the project are two different things.  Planning takes an in-depth look into evaluating the space and choosing what changes to make in your bathroom. Homeowners can look into several updates regarding remodeling, but since doing all of them will be costly, they need to decide what to change.  These are great update suggestions to include in your bathroom remodeling checklist.

1. Flooring Replacement

If the installation is done right, it can be a showstopper in the bathroom. However, it is essential to consider that the restroom is a water prone area from the showers and constant cleaning when choosing the flooring. Homeowners should therefore prioritize materials that can stand up to moisture and wear. 

2. Window Reinstallation

More than anything, windows bring an edge to a room, and the bathroom is not an exception. Windows are a trio-facto; ventilation, lighting, and bathroom appearance are all determined by window installation.

3. Surfaces Replacement

Surface replacement in the bathroom will have an impact on the remodeling of the entire room. If you have a cabinet or powder room in your bathroom, you can decide to change the surfaces to give them a new look. Water-resistant materials would be a better choice to prevent water damage. 

4. Wall Revamps

If you want to turn your bathroom into a Zen area, we all know the place to turn to is the bathroom walls. There is no denying a coat of paint would give your bathroom that refreshed appearance. Homeowners are also venturing into wallpapers and ceramic tiles as a way to revamp their walls. All you have to do is choose a design that coordinates with your style. 

5. Shower/Tub And Toilet Replacement

Does your shower and toilet work like the day you first installed them? We bet not! It’s time to call your contractor to help with the replacement. Get your Pinterest board and look up some designs you can explore for the replacement. Consultation with the contractor on what it would cost to have new ones installed. A new toilet or tub would do wonders to your bathroom, so this is something to include in your remodeling checklist. 

We all know successful bathroom remodels bank on two things; a skilled contractor and efficient upgrades.  If you want to make a long-term investment in your bathroom remodel, these updates are worth a glance. Receive a quote from our contractor, and let us work together to ensure you achieve your bathroom remodel vision.