If you ask most homeowners about the plan they have for their shower enclosure, most of them will mention choosing between the framed and frameless showered enclosure. These are great elements, but why eat two dishes when you can have an entire buffet. The enclosure choice will determine the bathroom’s overall look, and having different options to weigh out gives homeowners some leg room to design.

Shower enclosures are also functional elements in the bathroom space, so it is only right that we shed more light on them. Because the enclosure separates the wet area from the dry area, you need to make the right decision for the remodel. There are many styles you can ask your bathroom remodeler to install in your bathroom, and the following are some that are at the top of our favorite list.

1. Open Shower

A simple and affordable way to go when separating the wet and dry areas of the bathroom. With a tiled wall, you can set up an open shower enclosure that keeps water from going to the dry area.

2. Solid Shower Enclosure

For a private and cozy shower area, a solid enclosure will do perfectly. The bathroom installer will erect a solid brick wall and use tiles to spice up its look. When it comes to entry, a glass door will aid in offering more privacy; however, you also have the option of going doorless.

3. Fixed Glass Partition

With this enclosure, a fixed glass partition is used to cover a small section of the shower. If you choose to install this enclosure, ensure the glass is adjacent to the fixtures to allow plenty of lighting in the shower area.

4. Glass Brick Enclosure

Do you have a spacious bathroom and are looking for a suitable shower enclosure? This is it! With its design being mostly semi-open or half-height, the glass brick option brings a feeling of openness to space. You can experiment with different glasses by bringing textures and colors to inject some character into the bathroom.

5. Tiles And Glass Enclosure

Create an edgy look in your bathroom with this enclosure by combining glass insets in solid tiles walls. Not only does this enclosure hit the bull’s eye with aesthetics, but it also allows natural light, which is invaluable in the bathroom area.

Shower enclosures are available in various designs; thus, homeowners should never limit themselves during remodeling. The designs above should give you a head start and point you in the best direction for your needs. If you feel stuck, you can give our bathroom contractors a call for assistance. Get a quote and begin working on a design that fits your bathroom remodel vision.