Are you stressing about getting new flooring with children in the home? There are many kid-friendly flooring options to choose from, and while this is great, it can also be stressful to pick just one. So, which is the best for the orange spills, muddy shoes, and crayon markers? When you think about the safety, durability, and other factors to keep in mind when buying flooring suitable for children, you may think finding one solution would be impossible. You can narrow down the different flooring options to only the practical ones for your remodel with these pointers.

1. Durability

Kids play and move around a lot in the home, which exposes the floor surfaces to scratches, dents, and scuffs. Since a lot of movement is expected, look at options that can cope with high traffic. Solid wood, laminate, and vinyl win the test of standing the daily grinds of life and give homeowners room to experiment with their tastes with different floor designs.

2. Easy Maintenance

Children are skilled at marking floors with unidentifiable stains, so you’ll always be cleaning after them. Some of these stains are from liquid spills, mud prints, and let’s not forget the drawings from their crayons. Stain resistance and waterproof flooring would be a perfect choice in this case. You can clean up after them without worrying about the constant exposure to moisture or the stains sticking.

3. Safety

Slips and falls are not uncommon in a home with kids. However, when choosing floors for the reinstallation, select materials that are less prone to these accidents. Slip resistance floors will reduce the risk of accidents in the home; cork and laminate are anti-slip choices for the remodel. If you can talk to your contractor about texturizing the top surface, it could help make the floor anti-slip.

4. Warmth

Hard floors are never a good option for kids’ flooring. Children are fragile, and they can easily hurt themselves on hard surfaces. Carpets are soft, and they are comfortable for kids. If you live in a cold climate area, they can be great insulators. They also have a good cushion, so they absorb the shock in case of falls in the living room. Carpets are also stylish, and they come in many different colors, so they would do a great job improving the home’s aesthetic.

5. Health Concerns

Before picking floor remodeling, there are health issues to consider. Some options like vinyl emit volatile organic compounds at low levels. While these levels may not be damaging to the adult, your child’s cognitive function could be damaged from the exposure. Although carpets are winning the comfort battle, you have to balance the risk of allergies and comfort. Carpet material tends to attract dust mites, which cause allergies.

If you are considering different remodel floors, these are some kid-friendly features you should use to decide. Also, consider installation by an expert to ensure it is done correctly. After you have decided on your flooring best for your children, contact us for a quote for our floor installation services.