Skylights are a gem when it comes to window replacement. Aside from adding more natural light and skylights bring a touch of luxury to a room. However, choosing skylights as a window replacement option means accepting the responsibility of researching different window styles and finding the right expert to do the installation. There are things every homeowner needs to know before swapping out your old windows with skylights. 

1. Window Style

Homeowners have the option to choose when it comes to the style and design of the skylight. You can decide between flat or domed skylights, although the dome style is popular among homeowners. With this style, debris, and leaves that land on the window will slide down instead of entering the home. Your skylight style should also complement your home’s architectural design that way, it can elevate the curb appeal. 

2. Skylight Placement

We all know skylights are placed in the window, but where exactly will you install yours? Consider accessibility in case you need to open and close the window. Most importantly, weigh in on the different directions and determine which one will give you the benefits you want most. Communicate with your window installer whether warmth or illumination for the room is your goal, and they will recommend the best placement. 

3. Window Material

Never take for granted the quality of window material. Always pick quality over price because the higher the quality, the better and longer the window will serve you. However, when it comes to skylights, there is always a risk got glass breaking, especially if you live in an area with trees. If you have to choose between laminate and tempered glass, we would highly recommend laminate because the glass is covered with a film. In case it breaks, the film will hold all the pieces in one place. 

4. Professional Installation

Getting your skylight installed is a project you never want to go wrong with. When incorrectly installed, it could be the source of your problems instead of a solution. When the vents are not properly sealed, energy loss is bound to occur. Remember reading up on how to replace your skylight may look easy, but the practicality is more technical. Look up professional installers in your area who can do it for you at an affordable rate. These experts are trained, and they will ensure a successful replacement. 

5. Decide On Features

Apart from the style of your skylight, you should also consider the added features you want. Is an open skylight a priority, or can you do it with fixed skylights? If you do not want to sacrifice ventilation, vented skylights will be more of your speed. You can open them up to vent out the warm air when it gets too hot indoors. You can have the professional installer install a manual one or an electric one, depending on your preference.

Getting your skylight replaced does not have to be a disaster, especially if you have given some thought. These are some tips to get you ready for installation and prepare you for what to expect. All that’s left to do is call up your preferred installer and lay back as they make your home a dream.