Window replacement is nothing new, especially in the 21st where homeowners find ways to improve their home value and visual appeal without a complete reno. Most homeowners’ thoughts jump to casement, bow, and bay windows when thinking about getting new windows. Only a small number of people even consider getting skylights or roof-installed windows. 

Skylights have been around since the Romans’ time, and they continue to dominate as a window option in some homes. Whether it is for their style, convenience, or improved ventilation, skylights are an ideal choice to add to your window reinstallation plan. If you are contemplating whether to get skylights as part of your window replacement, here are reasons why you should make the jump. 

1. Save Energy And Money

If you have been around window installment talk, you know that energy efficiency is a no-brainer when considering replacing home windows. A skylight with laminated glass will soak up the heat during hot summers while keeping the temperature inside the household at comfortable temperatures. When the temperature outside the home is cooler, the glass ensures the warm air inside the home remains trapped to prevent heat loss. In the long run, this saves homeowners not only energy but money spent on energy bills.

2. Natural Light

There is no better way of getting direct natural light in a room than adding a roof-installed window. More natural lighting means you will use less electricity, therefore, decrease your utility bills. More so, natural light is also a selling point for many houses, so, with skylights, you kill two birds with one stone. 

3. Value Boost

Skylights come in different designs, and adding one or two to your home will impact its visual appeal. It is why homeowners are open to investing in them if it means bringing some changes to their home’s overall appearance. With improved aesthetics comes a bump in the home’s resale value. This is a worthy investment when you decide to sell years later. 

4. More Space

Installing a skylight could be the solution to your space problem in a small room. An overhead window does not just give the illusion of space but creates more space because instead of dedicating one wall to window placement, you can consult with an expert about creating additional storage on the extra wall, especially in the case of a bedroom. 

5. Better Ventilation

When installing skylights, you do not only sign up for added light but also improved ventilation. Since they open outwards, skylights allow a lot of fresh air to ether the room, thus boosting air circulation, especially in stuffy rooms. They also act as a natural vent during hot temperatures letting out the hot air.

Alongside other home improvement services, we also offer reinstallation assistance to individuals looking to upgrade their homes with new windows. We collaborate with a team of experts who have tons of experience in replacing windows. Reach us if window replacement is something you need help with. We are happy to offer advice on which skylight windows will suit your home.