Now that you know the wood flooring you are getting for your remodeling project, it is time to turn your vision into a reality. Hardwood floors have reigned for centuries in the home, but needless to say, and rightfully so. From quality durability to the aesthetic hardwood floors features outshines many of its competitors; needless to say, they also cost higher. It is important to ensure the installation process is done right. Homeowners sometimes succumb to common installation mistakes. With this piece, we hope to shed some light on five hardwood flooring mistakes and how to avoid them. 

 1. Installing Right After Purchase

 You may be excited to give your home the lifetime transformation, but we advise you to slow your rolls. Just for a few days, let the wood sit in your home. It should give the wood time to acclimate to the environment; that way, the wood is not affected by temperature change after installation. 

 2.Improper Racking

If you want to ensure the best flooring for your home, ensure you plan the order you will install the hardwood floors. It is called racking. It is done to ensure the boards are placed aesthetically pleasing. When rushed, the installation process can be a disaster, from odd placement, differing grain patterns, or clashing wood tones. Take your time to plan the boards and create an attractive look and simplify the installation process.

 3. Skipping Subfloor Preparation

 If you are getting hardwood floors for your home, you will need to prepare the subfloor. As the foundation of the flooring, the subfloor should be flat, dry, and sturdy to provide ample support. Wet subfloors can cause the boards to shift and expand over time; thus, it is important to ensure they are completely dry before installation.  

 4. Inadequate Fasteners

 Properly secured boards are crucial to floor installation. Each plank should be securely nailed down to prevent loose and creaking boards. Depending on the size and width of planks, ensure you get sufficient fasteners to keep the wood planks properly nailed to the subfloors.

 5. Hiring Amateur For Installation

 If installed incorrectly, hardwood floors can cost you more than you anticipated to spend for the remodeling. Do not leave anything to chance when it comes to installation; hire a pro to replace your hardwood floors. Find a flooring expert with the proper skills to avoid the cost of repairs you will need down the road if reinstallation is done wrong. 

Understandably, installing replacement floors is not a task everyone can take up. It is time-consuming and not to mention requires skill. Hiring our flooring expert to help with the installation will ensure the best outcome for your home. Contact us; we are ready to help turn your dream into a reality.