A kitchen is the most complex part of the home because you cannot only focus on one aspect of redesigning the space when remodeling. Your kitchen floor plan attributes to more than the appearance of your kitchen. It is a crucial determinant of how much moving space you will have when working. So, before deciding on the layout, carefully think about the usability of the area.

Haven’t decided on the kitchen layout you want for your remodel? It may seem overwhelming, but choosing your kitchen’s best design is the most straightforward task about remodeling, especially once you have a hired contractor to guide you. Some of these styles will work great for your kitchen remodel; read on and find out which.

1. L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

One way to eliminate traffic in your kitchen is going for the L-shaped floor plan for your remodel. In this layout, the walls of the kitchen adjoin, forming the letter L. It provides sufficient working space for both small and medium-sized kitchens. Homeowners trying to get the most out of this layout should try countertops, preferably within 12 feet.

2. U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Also known as the horseshoe kitchen design, this layout has come a long way from the three kitchen walls. Nowadays, the plan consists of an L-shaped kitchen with an island acting as the new wall; this plan is perfect if your remodeling goal is to improve traffic flow and workflow.

3. One-Wall Kitchen Layout

If you are working with small kitchen space, this would be the most ideal layout for your remodel. Homeowners with a studio or loft spaces find this layout as the ultimate space saver. With all the cabinets and appliances on a single wall, cleaning the kitchen is never an extreme sport.

4. Galley Kitchen Design

Like the one-wall kitchen design, the galley is an excellent choice for small kitchen spaces. The only difference between the two is the galley plan offers more countertop space to homeowners. Instead of one wall, it has two walls parallel to each other, with a walkway between them serving as a traffic space.

5. Island Kitchen Layout

Homeowners with big kitchens should consider this layout for their remodel. Apart from complementing big spaces, the design offers lots of kitchen space. The island could work as a storage space, workspace for meal preparations, and a dining place.

The perfect kitchen layout style is about convenience, space, and curb appeal, all wrapped into one. After looking through the different floor plans above, you should be able to identify the perfect design for your remodel. Share the plan that fits your needs with your contractor and get down to remodeling.