For the past years, bathroom remodels are making a transition to versatility. The era of plain remodeling with plain tiles, updated showerheads and flooring reinstallation is gone. Technology has made it possible for homeowners to explore and incorporate some innovations into their bathroom remodels. These innovations are design appeal, convenience and efficiency all wrapped into one. Here are some great bathroom remodel ideas worth a second look for your next home improvement project.

1. Heated Floors

We all love tiles in our bathrooms; homeowners cannot get enough of the different designs, colors, and styles they have options to choose for the remodel. To the eye, they are the perfect choice until you step out of the home shower to step on the cold hard floors on a chilly morning. Floor heating systems are a must-have in your bathroom. Homeowners can have them installed with their flooring remodel, this way they can enjoy the aesthetic and waterproof features of using tiles in their bathroom floors without the downside of cold underfoot. 

2. Freestanding Toilets

Space is the thing homeowners are always looking to maximize in the bathroom area, and freestanding toilets are a chance to attain just that. The toilet will hang from the wall, which gives the room an elevated space. Acquiring more bathroom space is only one of the benefits of adding this idea to your remodel. With the toilet raised from the floor, homeowners do not have to worry about getting moisture from the wet floor. An added plus is that the bathroom will be twice as easy to clean. 

3. Smart Mirrors

Isn’t multitasking something we have all wanted to do when running late for work or a meeting? From Alexa, Cortana to Google Homes, digital assistants are becoming part of bathroom remodels day by day. Technology has made it possible for homeowners through smart mirrors. You can now get ready, make phone calls, read work emails while catching up on the latest headlines. As long as you hire experts to assist with the installation, your digital assistant will be good to go as soon as the remodel is complete.

4. Roof Windows

The traditional windows wall windows are becoming a thing of the past as homeowners adopt new ways to achieve ventilation in the bathroom. During remodels, homeowners choose to upgrade the windows, which are the perfect choice for improving ventilation and lighting in the space. Get in touch with our professional remodelers for a quote to install skylights or roof windows as part of your bathroom remodel.

5. Wet Rooms

Think about a bathroom built to get the surfaces wet. Cool, right? Wet rooms transform your typical bathroom remodel into an efficient design. The idea is to do away with enclosed showers and make the bathroom appear open and large. The walls and floors are waterproof, so you do not have to fuss over surfaces getting damaged by moisture. The flooring is done such that it slopes to the drain, which is perfect if you want to avoid standing water in the bathroom. The floors are heated to encourage evaporation. Proper ventilation is a must when you choose to incorporate wet rooms in your bathroom remodel design to avoid any mold. 

Who said bathroom remodels have to be boring? These are some must-haves every homeowner should include in their bathroom remodel plan. With great experts by your side, you can ensure your remodel is a dream come true.