Accidents in bathrooms are not something new. Every year at least 200,000 cases are reported to people injuring themselves in the bathroom. With the slippery surfaces and water, we can say the bathroom can be a dangerous room in the home. Regardless of this fact, the bathroom area is an essential part of the house, so homeowners have to make it safer. 

Prioritizing safety when remodeling your bathroom can help prevent many injuries and falls. Thus, here are some tips you can use during remodeling to reduce the risk of accidents.

1. Don’t Stinge On Space

A cramped bathroom is a bump on the head or toe injury waiting to occur. As part of your remodeling, ensure you prioritize creating ample space to move around without running into anything. Even when you are revamping a small bathroom, you can ask your remodeler to suggest practical ideas which you can implement to save on space. 

2. Get A Grip 

Polished and shiny floors are a good investment aesthetically for your bathroom space. However, when it comes to a remodel, it is essential to think ahead. Be practical about how slippery the floors become when they get wet. A textured tile will give your floors more traction and make them less slippery. Go over some choices with your bathroom contractor and settle one aligning with your needs. 

3. Throw In Anti-slip Mats

The bathroom is a water-prone space, and that means slips and falls are an at-all-time high. Since this is a package deal for having and using the bathroom, you can invest in anti-slip mats to add traction to the floor. Ensure the material does not bunch up as it could be a risk to trips and falls.  

4. Invest In Good Lighting

If you are one for early morning showers or deep evening baths, natural light will do you little good through the window.  Buying bright illuminating lights will go a long way in ensuring your bathroom is well-lit and less prone to accidents. 

5. Save Yourself From The Burns

Have you been in the shower and suddenly the water gets too hot for you? Well, you are not the first. The fluctuations in water temperature sometimes occur when someone in the home flushes or opens the tap to do the dishes. As a result, the water gets too hot, almost to scalding level. As a homeowner, you can get an anti-scald device installed between the showerhead and pipe neck to prevent sudden water temperature changes. 

Bathroom safety for you and your loved ones is essential, just as finding the right theme for your remodel. These are tips you can incorporate to ensure your bathroom is a luxurious space and a safe one. With a professional’s help, you can go over different safety options and choose one suitable for you. Receive a quote for the entire project from us, and let’s begin revamping your bathroom into a safe space.