Flooring has a crucial role in the ambience of the home. So, when the flooring gets old or damaged, a remodel is worth considering. New floors are a great way to give your home a facelift while reinstalling the worn-out floors. For elderly homeowners, choosing flooring based on sole preference will not cut it. Why? The once strong stone tiling may not be the best option for them which calls for a remodel. Homeowners need to consider some things before settling for the flooring for the remodel. This article should help you identify features of suitable flooring for elderly residents in the home. 

1. Anti-slip

As we age, we become more prone to slips and fall. In such cases, homeowners can opt for anti-slip floors, especially when wet. Ceramic tiles tend to be very slippery; thus, they won’t be the right choice for remodeling. Laminate would be a good choice; however, collaborate with your contractor to have anti-slippery textures on the floor’s surface. 

2. Ease Of Travel

Ease of movement is an essential feature to look out for in the flooring. Level flooring will ensure there are no bundled layers that may inhibit movement and cause falls. Also, avoid flooring with patterns and shiny surfaces as they may interfere with depth perception. If the elderly in the home have issues with their vision, they are more likely to slip and fall. 

3. Comfort

Elderly homeowners should consider floor installation that offers comfortable underfoot. Soft and smooth flooring like carpets is an excellent option as they are gentle to the joints. You can hire a flooring expert from us who will ensure installation is done right and no areas are sticking out. 

4. Cushion

While choosing to floor for elderly home residents, safety is a major concern. Not only should you look for accident resistant flooring but also one that offers shock absorption in case of a fall. Hard floors like concrete and stone tiles would not be appropriate for carpet or vinyl, which provides more cushion. 

5. Maintenance

Low maintenance floors will be more favorable for older homeowners. Always consider how much work it would take to clean the floors. Go for flooring options that would need the least amount of attention regarding cleaning and maintenance. 

When it comes to flooring options, the needs of homeowners change as they age. Flooring installation for elderly homeowners does not have to be a complicated affair. Using these factors, you can narrow down the flooring list to find the safest choice for their needs. Give us a call, and we will help you find an expert who meets your installation needs.