Arched windows have forever been special to homeowners. Back from the architecture in Rome, these windows continue to stay in style. If you have thought about getting new windows for your home, chances are arched windows have made the list of potential replacement options. But is there more to know about these elegant, sophisticated windows? Absolutely! If you are going to commit to arched windows for your replacement project, the goal is to have them for the long haul. After all, isn’t that the reason homeowners are willing to invest in replacement windows? Here are all the facts every homeowner choosing to get arched windows should know. 

1. There Are Multiple Window Designs

Arched windows come in a variety of shapes and designs. We should prepare you; you are going to find different types of the window when shopping. Best to lay out what you want based on operation, whether open or fixed and shape, works best for your home from rectangle, semi-circular, or oval. 

2. The Size Varies With Choice

From big to small, you can create your replacement window in any size that matches your home. Arched windows offer flexibility in design and size, so if you do not find your preference in the market, you can talk to your window installer about customizing one that matches your needs. If a multiple window style gives your home a more distinctive look, the installer can easily add more stacks to your window. 

3. Light Triumphs Ventilation

If you are choosing arched windows, you ought to know that they prioritize light more than ventilation. Because of their design, arched windows allow plenty of light into the home, perfect for the living area. However, if your window replacement goals include improving the room’s ventilation, arched windows may not be the best for you. 

4. Installation Is Hard 

Arched windows require a lot of attention during installation, so going into the replacement without a professional is never a good idea. Figuring out the right size opening for the window takes more than amateur skills, so part of your preparation should include hiring a certified window installer for the task.

5. Affordable Renovation

When reinstalling new windows, it is crucial to think about the future because replacement windows are a long-term investment. Arched windows are on the affordable side of window replacement. Without completely tearing out the existing window, you talk to your installer adding partial arches to the existing windows, which costs much less. 

Arched windows are a whole package, from design, energy efficiency affordability to unobstructed views. While all these are impressive features, it is essential to familiarize yourself with facts about these windows. Above are some of the things to expect when you choose arched windows for your home replacement. With assistance from our remodeling team, we can help with the replacement process. From the advice on which design down to the installation. Receive your quote, and let us get to renovating.