Every few years, homeowners feel the need to switch up some things in their space. As one of the most used places in the house, bathrooms could use a refresh. Through remodeling, you  change the feel of the space. With improvements to your bathroom, you can also enhance the value of your home. Each homeowner has their reasons for wanting to renovate their bathrooms. Some want to improve the functionality of the room; others do it for aesthetic purposes.

Regardless of your renovating reasons, two things determine your bathroom remodel; your budget and the reasons for remodeling. The renovation cost will come down to the materials used, the size of the bathroom, and the rate of hiring the contractor. Your priorities will also dictate the design you choose for your bathroom for the project. The list of ideas you can incorporate when designing your bathroom remodel are endless; however, here are some you can use for inspiration;

1.     Embrace color

Don’t be afraid of playing with color. The days when bathrooms were all about neutral pallets are long gone. Choose a color scheme that fits aligns with your style. If you are feeling bold, select two opposing colors to give the space a powerful look. For a softer appeal, you can go for colors next to each other on the color. The bathroom space will still have a fun yet soothing feel.

2.     Mirror, mirror

Mirrors are your best friend. They are not just aesthetic but also functional. Depending on your goal you can ask our professionals for design suggestions. Mirrors make small spaces appear bigger; therefore, it would be a great addition. There are many mirror shapes, frames, and sizes you can choose to design your bathroom. You can DIY your old mirror by updating it with decorative wood. If you want something new, you can purchase several stylish mirror options for your bathroom interior. Wood-framed and  metal-framed mirrors are perfect if you aim for a rustic vibe, whereas vanity mirrors give off a chic style.

3.     Explore with tiles

The tiles you use could make all the difference in your remodel bathroom. As you renovate the flooring of your bathroom, you can choose to go with decorative or plain tiles. Decorative tiles bring in color and style, which are essential in design. If you are going for a minimalistic approach, plain tiles will look amazing. You can use apps to experiment with different tiles until you find one that matches your style.

4.     A little lighting never hurt anybody

During remodeling, homeowners are sometimes carried away with making significant changes to their bathrooms to overlook the little things. Adding some little touches to your bathroom could bring our personality. Lighting fixtures are in, and homeowners are using them to give their bathrooms a lift when remodeling. In your remodeling vision board, remember to add lighting fixtures matching your style and taste before asking for a quote from a professional remodeler.

5.     Get some art

Sometimes all your remodel bathroom needs is good art. You should consider adding wall art to give your bathroom the wow effect. You can buy decorative art pieces or download prints online. Your style will determine the kind of art you add to the bathroom. For instance, botanic prints would blend in with a tropical style bathroom. Find a place on the wall to be suited to hang. Best to go for a water-resistant material to avoid damage.

Bathroom remodeling is the go-to for many homeowners looking to curb the appeal of their homes. Even if you are clueless in the world of design, these ideas should give you a head-start for making some tweaks to your bathroom.