Skylights are modern and versatile, and among the go-to windows, homeowners consider whenever a replacement project is in the works. Why skylights? We think you mean why not. Have you stepped into a room with a skylight window? It oozes with character. Skylights are not just a structural element in your home but also a decorative one. Homeowners have a lot to gain from the additional lighting, ventilation, and extra space that comes with picking skylights.

A successful window replacement project is about doing everything right. That includes avoiding some mistakes that could end up costing you financially. To prevent these missteps, you need to know what they are. It will help you not only save money but also ensure the installation is hassle-free.

1. Overlooking Energy Efficiency

If you are replacing your windows in 2021 and aren’t giving much thought to energy efficiency, then you are going about it wrong. Energy-efficient windows change the lives in many homes and not just by offering a conducive environment indoors but also by cutting down on energy expenses. Purchasing energy-efficient windows may seem like added expense; however, not buying them is what could result in you spending more down the line.

2. Sticking To One Option

Anytime you go shopping for reinstallation windows, always remember to keep an open mind. Having your mindset on one type of window could close you off from many other great choices. As a result, you may end up window shopping only a few months after installation. Be open to learning the different available choices and giving them a chance as you may end up with material worth every buck you spend.

3. Direction Of The Sun

Why are you choosing to install skylights? If the purpose is to improve lighting and warmth in the room, always consider the direction of the sun. This will ensure that placement will meet your need which is to allow ample lighting and added warmth to space. Overlooking the direction of the sun defeats the whole purpose of the installation.  You will then have to install an HVAC system or stay with lights during the day, which costs money to compensate for the cold and darkroom.

4. Skipping Low-E Coating Windows

Getting wrapped up in getting windows in time and scheduling an appointment with an installer can easily lead you to forget some important features like low e coating. Skylights give a room direct access to the sunlight, which is part of the reason homeowners love them. While it is an excellent feature, it is important to remember that sun rays can `be damaging to furniture and floors, especially if they are made from wood. To prevent the damage and expense that comes with it, always go for Low-E coated windows.

5. Going At Installation Solo

DIYing is not uncommon for home improvement projects, but window replacement is different. More so, in the case of installing a skylight where the risk is twice that of other windows. Generally, installation requires the skill of a professional to ensure the window is fit correctly. Amateur window replacement could mean improper fitting, which will have you incurring more installation expenses in no time.

Homeowners with no remodeling experience can easily run money down the drain with avoidable mistakes. However, what many do not know is that window replacement can be an affordable home improvement project as long as you consider the above mistakes when getting skylights. Hiring a professional installer for insight can also help you avoid some costly mistakes. Our remodeling experts are available to offer advice and assistance that ensures your window replacement project is a success.