It is about time that bathroom ceilings got the love they deserve in 2021. Wouldn’t you agree? Bathroom revamps are the talk of every homeowners’ remodeling project. The floor replacement, window installation, many homeowners lean into these when remodeling. But what about replacing the bathroom ceiling? Making all these amazing changes without updating your ceiling is half done remodeling. It is high time homeowners out more thought into remodeling their bathroom. Here are the best materials to consider for your bathroom ceiling when remodeling in 2021.

1. Fiberglass

If we do say so ourselves, fiberglass is a suitable ceiling material to choose for your bathroom remodel. It is readily available in the market and inexpensive, which is a plus for your remodeling budget. Fiberglass will do well in the bathroom since it can stand water-prone areas. If your remodel has a standing shower, you can install pre-cut fiberglass around it as a measure to prevent water damage to your ceiling.

2. Tiles Ceiling

Not your typical ceiling option but nothing will give your ceiling that refined look like tile. You can easily get them clean with a simple wipe-down, and it is water-resistant, which makes it perfect for the bathroom. You can get a contractor to handle waterproof seal joints this way; no water will seep through and cause damage. Tile gives homeowners free rein to explore their style since it comes in a variety of designs.

3. Metal Ceiling

If you are considering several options for the remodel, metal should definitely be on the list. The material is durable, which makes it a worthwhile investment for every homeowner. It is also stain-resistant and easy to clean, which makes maintenance twice as easy. Even when part of it is damaged, you can easily replace it without tearing out the entire ceiling, which is very convenient. You can talk to our professional remodeler about having the sheet polished or customized into tiles to bring more style into your bathroom remodel.

4. Greenboard

Whatever style you are using in your bathroom remodel, greenboard is a great option for your ceiling. The water-resistant drywall will work perfectly with the water and steam evaporating in the bathroom. To add color and give your bathroom a polished, you can paint your drywall. However, remember to go for water-resistant paint for that added layer of protection from moisture.

5. Paint

Homeowners who do not mind frequent trips to the store can go for painting as a bathroom option. As long as you can keep up with the maintenance, paint is a convenient choice. It is affordable, and what’s better, you can get the job done without hiring an expert.

Reinstalling a bathroom ceiling can be challenging, however, knowing what materials to use should give you a jumpstart of the process. Once you settle on your ceiling option, call our contracting company for a reinstallation quote. Our in-team of experts will do the installation correctly to ensure your remodel is a success.