A new year often means new beginnings, new chapters, and fresh starts, and for homeowners, the start of a remodeling project. A few months into the new year, they are ready to refresh their spaces with a few remodels here and there. 

As we all know, the bathroom is an all-time favorite for homeowners choosing to upgrade their space and elevate their home’s overall look. But what are they going for this year? While there have been hot trends gracing the market, some homeowners are ready to bid goodbye. Let’s peek into some of these once loved designs we might not be seeing this year. 

1. All White Bathrooms

In 2021 many people fell into the all-white bathroom look, and can you blame them? The design created an elegant and classy look, and homeowners were happy to follow the trend. But it is time to bid good riddance to it with the design becoming monotonous and the maintenance proving to be a headache. Don’t get us started about how stressful it is to find the right décor that marries well with the all-white scheme bathroom.

2. Oversized Bathtubs

The aesthetic upgrade of the enlarged bathtub was the hype in 2021, and we can see why the soaking tubs made such noise. The oversize tubs gave bathrooms the 180 transformations, so why are homeowners walking the trend to the door? Once the water bill doubled and it took homeowners twice the time to clean it, the idea of having an oversized bathroom was no longer appealing. When it comes down to it, the impracticality of how big the tub is compared to how much it cost to install was not worth having it sticking around for another year. 

3. Double Sinks 

Those cute him and her sinks made an impression; however, aren’t they getting old? Two sinks mean double the cleaning time with getting in between the nooks and crannies to clean can also be a pain. Many homeowners are switching out one of the sinks for more storage space. And we all know extra storage space is always a plus. 

4. Anything Copper 

There is no doubt copper had a long reign making a bold statement in the bathroom with beautiful fixtures, sleek taps, and rosy tone faucets. The allure of copper in the washroom is slowly fading away, and this year homeowners are gravitating toward other materials. Metals like brass and bronze are more favorable to making an appearance in bathroom remodels, and we are not mad at them. 

5. Wood Ceilings

It was only a matter of time before wood ceilings made their way into the bathroom, and 2021 happened to be their year. As homeowners were welcoming the hint of rustic in the bathrooms, the trend proved to be a bad idea once the ceiling planks began deforming because of the humidity in the room. Even the coat-painted ceiling did little to prevent the mold from growing and damaging the wood. 

Bottom Line

As we usher in more bathroom trends this year, it is insightful to know which ones to steer clear of once you present your vision list to your bathroom re-modeler. With this piece in mind, you can decide which upgrade you can serve your space for the long haul depending on what is hot in the remodeling world. Get in touch with your bathroom re-modeler and take the first step of your remodeling journey.