Vinyl flooring is just one of those floors that has people in the home remodeling world talking. And let’s not forget how technology has enabled its improvement to a level where it gives other flooring options like hardwood, ceramic tiles, and laminate a run for their money. The advantages of vinyl are undefeated; from its durability, affordability to versatility, it definitely has become something to consider for your next floor installation.

When we talk of vinyl flooring, you should know there is more to it than just a surface made up of vinyl and plastic. Many upgrades have been made to the material, and now, homeowners can enjoy more than just one type. Here is a look at the three types of vinyl you can weigh in before your next floor replacement project.

1. Vinyl Tile

If you want an affordable option in vinyl, tile is your best bet. Besides being price-friendly to purchase, replacing it is easy because you can easily switch out the damaged tile without tearing out the entire floor. It is considered cost-efficient and manufactured to be better than laminate and plank vinyl. It is known for its stability and ability to stand damage; its top layer is made from a waterproof layer making it less susceptible to moisture. For this reason, you can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and other moisture-prone spaces. Vinyl tiles give homeowners design flexibility because you can have them cut in a shape and size that fits your design goals. We have to tell you, though, that the vinyl tile can be slippery, so using it for the staircase may not be a good idea.

2. Vinyl Plank

While you may have to top up a few bucks for this option, the beautiful, elegant finish is worth it if you ask us. Homeowners stocked on durability, and quality material for their home should add a vinyl plank to their material list. All those areas in the house with foot traffic will be well-served with planks because they will stand the wear and tear and look good doing it. Because it is available in various accents and finishes, you can explore any style that speaks to your taste. If you ask us, we recommend talking to your remodeler about getting the planks cut into shapes of your choice just to zhuzz up your home.

3. Vinyl Laminate

We all know vinyl for its ability to mimic other aesthetic appealing floors like wood and stone. If you want your choice to look anything like the real thing, vinyl laminate is it! Its smooth and glossy trait takes the look of your home two notches higher. This floor is a cheaper option compared to hardwood. Vinyl laminate look goods and it is also highly durable, allowing homeowners to get the most out of it. Its high-density feature makes it possible to use it in rooms subjected to a lot of abuse, like the kitchen and living space. If turning your flooring replacement project is what you had in mind, laminate will make it easy for you to take on the task.

Now that you have had a front-row seat of vinyl’s versatility, picking your home’s floor should be a walk in the park. Don’t forget to call up your expert, though! Flooring installation is not an amateur task; you will need the expertise and experience of a professional. Our contracting service is with you on this, that is why we offer to do the installation for you. Send us details of your project and receive a quote for the charges. Now that you are all set, happy remodeling!