Have you been noticing a spike in energy bills even though your consumption remains the same? Window problems can cause up to a 15 % rise in energy bills. It might be time to examine your windows. Condensation? Grime build-up? These are some of the common things that indicate window seal failure. So before you jump to finding a solution, ask yourself, ‘Why did this happen?’ The road to a solution to your window seal failure begins with why you are facing the problem. Understanding why you have a window seal failure will help you determine the solution while preventing the problem in the future. Let us look at some of the probable reasons why your window seal failed. 

1. Old Age 

Yes, sometimes the answer is that simple. With years, sometimes decades, of offering home protection, windows take a beat down. Especially older windows which are not manufactured with modern weather protection features. As a result, the wearing and damage taken by the window after prolonged exposure to the elements compromise the seal. A quick solution for homeowners is to switch out the weather stripping on these windows, but this will only get them so far. A window replacement is in order if you are hoping to solve your window seal problem long-term, so it may be time to call up your window replacement expert. 

2. Inclement Weather 

If your window does not check off the old age, then it is time to line up the next suspect; weather. We know the weather can affect our windows differently. In hot sunny weather, the frame contracts causing warping, and in cold rains, the window soaks up the moisture, which results in the seals lifting up. With leaks, air from outside leaks through the gaps, which only worsens homeowners’ financial ache when the energy bills come, which is more than a valid reason to opt for a window replacement.

3. Poor Installation 

Are you experiencing window seal failure in the first years of installation? Then the problem points to one place, and that is installed. Choosing the right window experts to do your windows right is crucial to a successful installation. Window installers who take shortcuts which means they hardly give the sealant enough time, and rushing to get things done can also result in damaging the window sealant. Schedule a window evaluation by a qualified installer is the best chance you can give your window installer. 

Bottom Line 

All problems related to your window replacement can easily be solved by having the right team by your side. Hiring a professional to take you through the installation will save you money and window-related problems. Our team can be the expert shoulder you lean on at this time. Using our skills and workmanship, we guarantee a positive window experience that allows you to reap the benefits of a window replacement long term. Call us and request a quote; let us work to restore your window’s efficiency.