Finding space in the kitchen is an ongoing battle for homeowners with small spaces. Remodeling is stressful; the part adds to it is trying to redesign a small space. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and remodeling it to be stylish and practical should be among your revamp goals. A small kitchen remodel can be a challenge but still doable. A successful remodel can be rewarding not only to the aesthetics of your home but also to your cook space’s efficiency. To begin, you should look at layout designs best suited for a small space. Here are three proven layout styles you can consider for your limited kitchen space. 

1. Opt For U-Shape

There are two essential factors for homeowners trying to utilize their kitchen space; efficiency and practicality. The goal is to use the three walls of cabinets to fit the cooking gear, appliances, and workspace. This layout maximizes the space on the wall for storage, the worktops for holding kitchen gear without the need for more foot space. With everything close at hand, it should make accessing the items more accessible. Power, gas, and water can be connected. 

2. Embrace Open Layout

If you want to get through remodeling in one piece, you should never forget one basic guideline: always be flexible. It is the only way to get through hurdles, like if your kitchen space does allow for having walls. Don’t stress out because you can go open with an open plan. An open layout will open up your kitchen, making it more appealing. You can have all storage and working space on one wall, and let’s not forget how functional it will be connecting the living area to the cooking area. The modern aesthetic the open-plan injects into the kitchen will be the icing on your transformation.

3. Go The L-way 

The L-shaped design layout is the best choice for any small kitchen, and we will tell you why. Unlike the U-shape design, this one has two usable walls and kitchen tops that can be utilized for storage and working space. You may think of this as a downgrade, but it is quite the opposite. With two walls, you have plenty of space left to move around in the kitchen. Because a cramped kitchen is a ticking time bomb for accidents, having some working space will minimize the chances of boiling pots spilling over and even bumping into cabinets. It also looks neater and even improves the general look. 

When switching up your kitchen, it makes sense to make it more practical, and if that includes embracing new layout plans, you are on the right path. A suitable layout will make working the cooking area more efficient while also giving it a facelift. Looking into the above designs is not enough; you can hire a professional remodeler from us to narrow down your choices. Get your quote and take the first step to transform your small kitchen space.