If you are in the market for a new replacement for your remodeling, chances are you have considered vinyl windows. And why not? Vinyl has excellent ranting as a window option. These windows are durable, affordable, and energy-efficient, which makes them perfect for replacement. While there are many benefits to reinstalling vinyl windows in your home, there are some problems with vinyl. So before getting your installer on the phone to schedule a replacement, ensure you are fully aware of these common shortcomings of vinyl. 

With any home improvement project, you have to do your research, more so window replacement. The windows you choose will affect not only your lifestyle but also energy costs. And as vinyl windows are well known for their plusses, here are some minuses that come with vinyl. 

1. Affected By Weather Change

If you live in an area that experiences dramatic weather changes, vinyl windows may not be the best option for you. When climate fluctuates, vinyl will either contract or expand depending on the temperature change. Warping of the windows will affect the operation of the windows, making them difficult to open. 

2. Shorter Life Span

Since they come in various quality standards, not all vinyl windows in the market are durable. So, the windows may not serve you for as long as you want. More so, when you compare vinyl to other window materials like wood, vinyl has a shorter life span. When wood can serve you for decades, vinyl windows can only last around 8 to 10 years at most; this quality makes vinyl a not so durable window option. 

3. Limited Views

Vinyl windows tend to warp due to weather fluctuation. As a result, installers have to use more vinyl to hold the glass. More vinyl means less glass; thus, you will have to sacrifice your view and lighting. While you may have strengthened the windows, you will compromise the aesthetics of your interior space. 

Vinyl is a window choice that serves its popularity justice. The features it brings makes it a favorite for many homeowners. 

However, the fact that vinyl windows come in different colors makes homeowners a field trip with choices. While this makes vinyl so versatile, it is only limited to pre-installation. If you are someone who likes change, these windows may not like a good idea. 

For one to switch up the colors of your windows, you would need a replacement. A consultation with a professional window installer will give your insight to anticipate when you choose vinyl windows. Our contracting company will offer you a quote for your project, and remodeling can begin!