When planning a kitchen remodel, choosing the color is a central part of that process. The kitchen color you settle for is s reflection of not just your taste but also your personality. And while the spectrum of color is filled with possibilities, this can be a hurdle for homeowners who do not know which one will suit their kitchen.

Color is an element of the remodel you should never disregard becomes the role it plays goes beyond enhancing your kitchen look. As the homeowner, you have the right to choose any hue you want, but you should know that not all work for the kitchen. Some colors may be too kitschy and others too bland. These are the colors to avoid because they take out the energetic vibe in the kitchen and leave it looking washed out.

So, if you are thinking of brightening your kitchen remodel by painting, these are the colors to avoid.

1. Eggshell

Only a few years back, eggshell kitchen walls were all you saw when you flipped through your favorite home magazine, well, not anymore. However, eggshell is losing its touch in the kitchen, and it is time to stop counting on it as a color option. Many remodelers are no longer considering it as a kitchen color due to its lack of personality. You can also no longer rely on it as a selling point if you plan to resale the home. While you can still use it as an accent color on cabinets and countertops, ensure it does not dominate the room.

2. Dark Brown

The last thing you want for your kitchen is for it to appear closed-off mood and uninviting. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home where people gather to socialize and entertain, it should be open and warm. Dark brown, on the other hand, gives dingy vibes and makes the kitchen appear cramped. In case you were hoping to obtain a cool earthy look, choose a lighter hue of brown.

3. Dark Grey

Is your idea of the perfect kitchen remodel dull and gloomy? Well, that is what you should expect with dark grey hues. It gives off a somber and heavy vibe to the space, something you wouldn’t want for your kitchen. The greatest disappointment would be dreading going into the cooking area after spending money revamping it.

Just because these colors are a no-no in the kitchen does not mean you cannot incorporate elements in their colors in your space. Talk to your remodeling expert at our contracting company, and they can advise you on how to add these colors without overtaking the room. Receive your quote, and let’s begin!