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For many people, remodeling can be an exciting and daunting task. Remodeling can take a lot from a person, mentally, physically, and financially, but you can still make it a fun and creative process. You can still achieve that clean and sophisticated look with a few ideas and some revamping tips. Tiling is among the things you can implement in your remodeling to keep things interesting in your bathroom space.

Tiles are a crucial element in the bathroom; from the floor, accents and wall, you can use them to attain a sophisticated design and a clean look in your bathroom remodel. You can use many options to create a beautiful space, but all choices can be overwhelming to select. Don’t panic, though! We have outlined three of the top bathroom tiles claiming their spot in the remodeling.

1. Subway Tile

Talk about versatility in the bathroom! Subway tiles are not limited to the shower, but they can still be used in the countertop and even better as a backsplash. These tiles are perfect for customizing your bathroom, being that you can use them to stand out as much as or little as you want. The versatility in design allows homeowners to experiment. Most people use dark grey or black grout; however, you can talk to your bathroom remodeler about determining the one that matches the bathroom design.

2. River Rock

Is your style more of a subtle and natural flair? Well, river rock tiling is just the option for you. It injects a natural feature in the bathroom, transporting you to a riverbank while in the comfort of your home. From its variation of stone mosaic colors, you can choose a shade that complements your bathroom design.

3. Geometric Tile

Geometric tiling design is not smithing new, it has been around the block, but it remains in style to date. If you are a lover of patterns, this design is perfect for adding character to a space. These tiles give homeowners pattern play because it allows them to create a bathroom remodel of their dreams with tile shapes and colors of their choice. Besides being decorative, you can use them in small bathroom remodels to create the illusion of space.

We hope you nope have a jumpstart of the ideas to explore for your next remodeling project from our round-up of the top bathroom tiling. Whether it is simplicity or an eye-catching flair, you will find an option in these tiling options. Give our remodeling experts a call, and we will introduce you to an experienced contractor to oversee the project. Get your quote and begin budgeting for a bathroom remodel that will change your home!